Pare a.k.a Kampung Inggris

Oke, demi mengisi kekosongan pada blog ini, ada sedikit yang mau gw share di sini. Ini terkait dengan kegiatan gw sebulan yang lalu di salah satu tempat, yang konon katanya, sudah mahsyur ke seluruh pelosok negeri Indonesia. (hiperbol dikit)

For the first, let me tell you about this place. This is a place located at Pare Kediri, East Java. This place well-known as Kampung Inggris. Not because everyone here speaks English, but because there are so many english courses here. Most of people make a mistake to judge everyone here speaks english. No, not everyone, just some of them.

In my opinion, this place is good enough for beginner learner. The system is intensive, it makes us practice more than usual. We learn how to increase our confidence, eventough we have got no idea what we can say in front of people.  Forget about grammatical error. It is about speaking, not writing, not about academic english. It is different.

Then, because of too many english courses here, maybe you will feel confused for the first. You don’t know what I should do here, where I have to go which programm that i should take. Ya ya ya,, everyone has felt the same feeling when they come here. The first thing that you should do is: “Rent bicycle”. Why? Because it will help you much. You can go everywhere just by ride your bicycle. Cheap enough right?

Next, you must make some plans before you go here. The main point is PURPOSE. What is your purpose when you wanna learn english. Speak well? Write well? or you wanna teach well? You purpose will determine your choice here. Where will you take english course, which programm you wanna join? how much monye you will spent here. Etc..


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