If you wonder, Who I am, let me tell you..
* If you don’t, just close this blog =P *

You can call me Icha, or Annisa.
I’m a graduated student from computer science IPB (ILKOM ’45), a wife of my lovely husband (Fitra Aditya), the first and the only one daughter of my mom, a friend, a sister, etc..

A kind of complicated person (red: Ribet!) Haha… My mind always full of everythinnngg….. I thought my brain has soo many branches. I loved to have a chat with otherpeople. I loved to share anythingg…. A kinda noisy person,, But, for the first you meet me, you will say, ‘ This person is just so so. She just smiles and keep smilee =D’. Yeph, nothing special on me.. Just an ordinary woman.. ^_^

Do I have a job? OMG, I’m still looking for that! Sometimes i wanna be a lecturer, then I wanna be a kindergarten teacher, then I wanna be a writer, then I wanna be a sleeper *ups*. Then i wanna be a psychologist. Then I wanna be……
Ya ya ya, still confused about something that they called ‘profession’. Otherwise, i just wanna be myself, wanna be a good wife and good mom for my kids.

How about my dream? The big dream of mine is to be one of person that has permission to get into HIS JANNAH.. aamiin… ^_^

Nice to meet you… Have a nice reading.. ^_^

email: annisa.anastasia@gmail.com

IG : @algorismee / @mamalova.books

WA : 085225524276

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