New Project, New Work, New Challange

Bismillah...Okey, based on the sms from my ex-PM (Project Manager), Starting from today, I'll do another project. My previous project was about testing all of application into Windows 7. Which are all of them now running in WIndows XP. But, start from today, everything will be changed.  This new project is called Customer Care. The client is Indonesia Stock … Continue reading New Project, New Work, New Challange


New Place, New Chance, New World

Bismillah..What is your expectation when you get something new at your life..?As I felt today, my life will be changed after next Monday. The contract has been signed, and I can not turn back my way. If I believe, he believes, they believe, so why I must be afraid..? =)As a Junior System Analyst, I … Continue reading New Place, New Chance, New World


Bismillah...Hihi, insya allah akan segera merasakan yang namanya mudik-mudikan. Meskipun bukan mudik ke kampung halaman sendiri sh. Yup-yup, insya allah 2 minggu lagi berencana mau mudik ke kampung halaman suami. DI pulau yang adanya di ujung pulau Jawa, tepatnya pulau Madura yang katanya terkenal sama garamnya. *Bener gak nih*Mau berangkat, sekarang siap-siapin ini itu. Dimulai … Continue reading Mudik!