New Project, New Work, New Challange

Bismillah...Okey, based on the sms from my ex-PM (Project Manager), Starting from today, I'll do another project. My previous project was about testing all of application into Windows 7. Which are all of them now running in WIndows XP. But, start from today, everything will be changed.  This new project is called Customer Care. The client is Indonesia Stock … Continue reading New Project, New Work, New Challange

First Working Day

Bismillah... U yeah,, based on this post, everybody should know that today is my first day as an employer at this company.. At this first day, there's no specific job for me. I just got a laptop to be reinstalled. But, i've not got the CD yet. Soo... what i do is only bengonging. Berdasarkan kesepakatan … Continue reading First Working Day